Saturday, October 31, 2009

Creative Chris

It was so gratifying to see Chris today! He had detoxed from Oxycontin a couple months ago and came to The Coleman Institute for a naltrexone implant.

We have the expectation that when people return for their 2nd implant, many aspects of their lives will be better. If they were skinny and scrawny, they’ve probably gained back some of the weight they needed. If they were a little chunky, they’ve often lost a few pounds. Their eyes, skin and hair are “brighter”. Their energy is better, they are sleeping more, and their problems with anxiety and depression are slowing improving. Money is in the bank again, relationships-if not easier-are infused with more honesty.

So, I was not surprised when Chris reported all the above to me on this 2 month return trip. What is even vastly cooler (my English professors would roll in their graves at that turn of phrase; mea culpa) for Chris is his phenomenal re-connection to his creative self. It is like the opiates were bonds that shackled his artistic soul—once they were cut away—Oh My God—the Genie has catapulted out of the bottle.

His day job is web design, and I can only imagine how that has improved. His love is water coloring and he has started again.

He described a painting he did for a friend who wanted some kind of an angel image. Chris painted an angel hovering over a tree, loosening the noose on a guy attempting to hang himself.

He is also the creator of some of the most beautiful tattoo art I have seen. He is currently working on having the names of his four children tattooed on various parts of his body, each name drawn in a unique, original calligraphic style.

Creativity is a gift we all have access to, whether in the form of artwork, inspiring people with your preaching, masterfully operating heavy equipment, designing a birthday battle party for your children complete with homemade shields and swords or doing whatever it is that speaks to our hearts. Chris is convinced that this surge of creativity is directly related to his ability to FEEL again. Without the opiates on board, his heart is again receiving messages.

He has promised to bring a painting for us at his next visit, so ask to see it if you are coming to the office in the next couple months. And Chris, if you’re reading this, know how proud we will be to display it. In fact I think you should post some of the body parts bearing your children’s names on our website while you’re at it!

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