Monday, October 5, 2009

Ben's Wild Night

I’d like to say that everyone who goes through an accelerated opiate detox at The Coleman Institute sails through it painlessly, or at least with minor discomfort. This describes the experience for about 98% of our clients, but that 2% can be a little tricky.

Ben and his parents came from a small town in a near by state. Several of his friends had detoxed with us in the past year and are doing beautifully in their respective recovery programs. Ben had been snorting and shooting 320mg of Oxycontin daily. He knew it was killing him and he wanted to stop.

He’d tried to stop. All tolled, his parents had paid out close to one grand in various treatments, medications, hospitalizations and bail. They were all tired of it. They knew that a naltrexone implant would provide Ben with the stability and freedom he needed to be abstinent from opiates.

His first day was uneventful. In the middle of the night on day 2 the police were called to their hotel because of his disruptive behavior. He got quiet and the police left him alone. That morning at the office Ben became quite aggressive with his parents, and again, the police were called. He quieted down and they returned back to their hotel, but I admit, I wasn’t surprised when I heard later from the police that Ben had been found in a bathroom of a local eatery trying to shoot up benzos.

A Temporary Detainment Order (TDO) was issued and Ben completed his detox in the hospital. He returned to our office the following day and received his two-month naltrexone implant.

The whole process of Recovery is fraught with pitfalls. Whatever the addiction, it is waiting to snare its victim time and time again.

Ben was surrounded by angels; some dressed in blue uniforms, some in the form of loving parents, a devoted uncle, and our staff—all of whom truly care about Ben’s Recovery.

My hope for Ben is that one day in the future he will have a life of joy and peace, in a great relationship with a great job. I hope he will be telling his story to a young kid who’s trying to get straight, describing the hard work he did to get clean, how people did not give up on him, that he didn’t give up on himself. That he continues to work daily on his Recovery.

Although we are always gratified to see any of our patients come back with success stories, I admit, I will be very very happy to see Ben come back in 2 months for his next implant…without the drama.

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