Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Talk to Someone Who’s Gone Through a Methadone Detox

Billy will complete his methadone detox tomorrow, but he almost didn’t come.

After using percocet, oxycontin and methadone for years and being able to hold down a job, he finally was fired. He kept getting sick until he could get his next fix. He had become close to his boss and his boss hated to let him go, but he was missing more and more time, and when he was there, he couldn’t do the work. Without a job Billy started stealing to get his drugs. Finally he stole from his parents. His father kicked him out. His mother pleaded with him to let them help him through a methadone detox program.

The thought was terrifying. He had tried to detox on his own before and the sickness it brings was the worst thing he’d ever experienced.

A patient who had successfully detoxed from methadone at The Coleman Institute was willing to talk to him. It’s one thing to hear about a detox from the company who’s trying to sell it; it’s an entirely different thing to hear it from someone who’s gone through it.

At The Coleman Institute, we can get people off significant doses of methadone in about 8 days. Obviously, the more a patient can wean down before they come, the better. Billy had slowly worked himself down from 200mg to 110mg a day, with the help of his methadone clinic.

After his conversation with Mark, who’d recently completed his own methadone detox, Billy was ready to commit. He has done incredibly well. Each day he came in with his mother, the change in him was noticeable: it’s always the eyes, the skin and hair that clear up first. He is amazed at how tolerable the week has been.

About a week after he leaves us, he will be heading to a half-way house in California—the state where he’s always dreamed about living. He has already told me he is willing to be a contact person for anyone else who wants to break the shackles of methadone maintenance and go through a detox.

If you are interested in learning more about our accelerated methadone, suboxone or other opiate detox, please call. Not only will our knowledgeable staff answer all your questions, we will be happy to give you Billy’s number. If he’s surfing, he’ll get back to you.

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