Monday, July 27, 2009

Liquid Handcuffs

Two people started methadone detox’s today at The Coleman Institute. They are both in their mid 20’s and their lives have been on hold, in limbo as they have escalated their use over the past 4 and 6 years respectively.

Marion bought it off the streets, getting to a maximum of 85 mg/day. Jason methodically went to the clinic reaching a maximum of 115 mg of liquid methadone a day.

At first they both described feeling jubilant because they had stopped using other narcotics and heroin. The methadone gave them an entry into semi-normal life. Jason was no longer chasing down dealers, breaking and entering, stealing from his parents. Marion had helped her mother through chemo and radiation for colon and breast cancer, and was grateful she’d been able to be present.

After several months on methadone, both wanted off. Although staff at Jason’s clinic acknowledged his desire to reduce his dose, it was necessary to schedule that kind of discussion with the clinic doctor, which was nearly impossible. Marion tried several times to quit on her own. For both, it became the path of least resistance to stay on the methadone and their doses gradually increased.

When Jason started his detox today, he referred to his methadone as ‘liquid handcuffs’. What a great analogy.

Our clients are so motivated to make changes they are a pleasure to work with. They know the detox isn’t easy, but they also know they will be supported the entire way, and in 8 short days—compared to 30 to 50 days for a cold-turkey-methadone detox—they will be on their way to a new life.

Martha Beck, a well-known life coach, talks about the dissolution period people must go through in order to find their calling. Like the caterpillar in its chrysalis whose contents completely dissolve and re-assemble to form an amazing butterfly, so it is with a patient going through detox. One must make the decision to surrender their old self to become the person they are meant to be.

Easy to say; profound to do.

If you know what it’s like to be entrapped by Liquid Handcuffs, give us a call at The Coleman Institute. Find out if our methadone detox and naltrexone therapy are right for you.

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