Wednesday, July 22, 2009

The Coleman Institute - A Patients Perspective

People come from around the country to The Coleman Institute for help getting off of opiates, benzos and alcohol and getting a naltrexone implant to enhance their chances of staying clean. We know how important it is for our clients to pursue follow up counseling when they leave us, but many of them are from small towns and resources are limited.

One mother who brought her son to us for an opiate detox also came from a place where very little was available in terms of help for detox, and the drug problem is rampant. Instead of giving up, she has started a support network for other parents dealing with this issue. I asked her to write her story in her own words. Here it is.

“My son was injured during his senior year of high school. Due to the injury and the long period of time he was forced to take pain medication he developed a drug problem. Once the doctors stopped the prescriptions he looked to the streets for the “feel good feeling’. At first he thought that he was alone but soon found out that 3 our of 5 kids in his class were using is some form even the “good”kids. I did not know about the problem until his pay check (one year later) began to disappear. At this time he had a $800 to $900 a week habit. Drug dealers were telling him to get help. He had a green color to his skin and weighed approximately 130 pounds at 6’1”. Of course I was in shock. We began having everyone pray for him and we began looking for help. To our surprise the help in WV was very limited. Someone could receive “treatment” for 3 to 28 days and then you are turned back out into the wild. Most drug rehabs have drugs being sold during treatment. A few friends and myself started a program Parents Against Addictions. This was the only way we found to help ourselves and our kids. Through the program I met a lady who had a brother that is --or was-- an addict. She had brought him to The Coleman Institute. My son detoxed at home (by this time he was hooked on suboxone). We came four our first implant in March of 2009. It has been wonderful. We are now starting a 12 step program for 25 and under. We cannot save the world but already my goal has been accomplished and prayers answered. My son is on his road or journey to recovery. We ask for your prayers.”

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