Monday, June 1, 2009

It Can be Expensive to Have a Drug Problem!

Drug users are affected in many non-financial ways. Emotional pain, health problems and work troubles are common side effects of a drug habit. But drug problems are also a literal cost to the user, affecting his or her pocketbook. Lost wages, high medical bills and, of course, the costs of the drugs add up very quickly. And, though treatment is highly recommended, one should remember that it costs time and money to deal with a drug problem. Consider the following costs.Using costs:

  • $100 Heroin per day sums to $36,500 per year

  • 2, OxyContin 80mg tabs per day equals $58,000 per year

  • Legal fees after possession charges cost $5-10,000

  • 12 months jail-time forfeits at least $20,000 in wages

  • Medical bills after contracting Hepatitis C or HIV surpass $20,000

Typical Treatment costs:

  • 28 days of inpatient rehab costs $5-30,000

  • Intensive outpatient program rack up $1-3,000 bills

  • Methadone clinics can exceed $4,380 per yearOne way or another, this disease costs you money

Our treatment programs not only help you get clean and stay clean, but are a lot cheaper than the alternative.

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