Monday, May 11, 2009

Moments of Clarity

A great book I have been reading lately is called Moments of Clarity, written by Chris Kennedy Lawford. Chris had written a previous book outlining his own recovery from a heroin addiction about 20 years ago. Since that time he has had many people come up and ask him, “How did you do it?” He realized that for him there was a moment of clarity – a moment of surrender, a moment when he knew he was beaten, that he had to stop fighting and accept that he had a problem and needed help. As he talked with other recovering addicts he realized that many other people had had those same experiences. So he decided to interview other people and compile their experiences into a book. It is a great read. Very inspirational. Real stories of real people whose lives have dramatically turned around and they feel so good about it. I find myself recommending it to a lot of my patients and their families. Many of our patients are right at that turning point. They know their lives are miserable and they know they need help, but so often they haven’t fully given up and surrendered. They are still holding on to that fantasy that they can use a little something, or that one day they will be able to control it. It is one of those recovery paradoxes - surrender actually brings total freedom!

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