Sunday, April 19, 2009

Alcohol Detox Program

Our outpatient Alcohol detoxification procedure is a big success. Patients love being able to safely and comfortably detoxify in their own home, instead of going into an expensive hospital. The procedure is really very simple and easy for patients to use.

First, we meet with the patient for an initial History and Physical. We perform a blood test, an EKG, and check the blood alcohol level with a breathalyzer. Then, we insert an IV to start an infusion of fluids and a combination of vitamins, minerals and other medications. Alcoholic patients going through withdrawal are usually depleted of Thiamine and other nutrients, which need to be replaced in order to prevent brain damage and other complications. We rapidly replenish these nutrients and stabilize the alcoholic's condition. Additionally, we immediately start the patient on powerful anti-seizure medications that provide a calming effect and help prevent any withdrawal reaction. We monitor the patient for at least four hours and provide additional doses of medication as needed. The patient stays in the office under close observation until they are stable and ready for discharge. They go home with a support person and additional medicines, and return for short office visits from then on. The whole detoxification process is usually complete in only three days. Most patients then get a Naltrexone Implant which powerfully reduces cravings and helps them stay clean and sober.

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