Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Accelerated vs Ultra Rapid Detox?

As the only provider of the innovative Accelerated Detox Process, it is no wonder that many people are unaware of the distinctions between this and Ultra Rapid Detox. We want to ensure that these distinctions are clear.

During an Ultra Rapid Detox (URD), patients are placed under general anesthesia and the opiates are chemically flushed from the brain receptors over a period of about 10 minutes. The patient is effectively detoxed, but the body is often unable to keep pace with the speed of the detox and complications often arise. In fact, a recent medical study showed that the stress to the body was huge--equivalent to a major car accident.

Accelerated Detox was pioneered to address the issues with URD. By extending the detox period to a minimum* of three days, patients move more slowly through the process. This eliminates the "shock" to their system and allows their body to adjust more easily, significantly reducing the risk of complications and making the overall experience more comfortable. General anesthesia is not required, again reducing the risks and complications associated with this procedure.

We have completed over 1,500 Accelerated Detox procedures. A recent study of our patients showed that all of our patients reported it was the easiest detox they had ever had. Despite this, we still continually try to improve the procedure.

Please visit our website to learn more about our pioneering Accelerated Detox methodology.

*Subject to patient history; Detox duration may be extended to ensure a safe, comfortable experience.

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